The Healey School is fortunate to have many vehicles for community leadership and volunteerism, including the Friends of Healey Organization, a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), a Site Council, and other Action Teams focused on specific initiatives. All groups share a commitment to collaborate together in the best interest of the students and the Healey community.

The Friends of Healey Organization (FoH) is an independent group, not associated with a national organization like the PTA. All Healey staff, parents, and administrators are members of the FoH, and there is no membership fee. The goal of the FoH is to realize the mission and vision of the Healey School through collaboration with event marketing and by planning events using a portable stage, such as those at Also fundraising for activities, and creating infrastructure for coordination and communication.

The creation of the FoH was recommended by the school committee and established by the Healey Site Council to foster parent involvement at the Healey School. The FoH is run by a team including the principal, parent chairs (nominated and elected) and staff liaisons to FoH. All are invited to share concerns and ideas at community meetings. FoH activities include fostering off-site learning opportunities for all Healey School students, assisting in enrichment programs, and hosting community meetings.

It’s All of Us!

  • All parents and guardians
  • All teachers and staff
  • All Healey administrators

What It Does

  • Provides a forum at the Healey Community Meeting for collaboration across all parents, teachers, and staff
  • Solicits community feedback on current/planned initiatives or other topics of concern
  • Conducts formal or informal polls of Healey Community perspectives on Healey Action Team proposals and other relevant topics
  • Makes the results of polls and discussions available to the School Site Council for consideration along with related proposals, including the many benefits of inclusive play, which can include higher self-esteem, positive self-identity, and emotional well-being, which have a lasting effect on an individual into their adult life.
  • Provides community forum for input to Friends of Healey Non-Profit
  • Coordinates parent participation on Action Teams
  • Coordinates parent representation on teacher and administrator hiring committees

Who Can Participate

  • Any parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, or staff member

How to Join

  • You don’t have to join — all parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and staff members are automatically members